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American woman living in the Islamic State mocks men who contact her

An American woman who claims to be living in the Islamic State has taken to social media deriding Muslim men who have attempted to contact her online, stating “My account is for sisters only, so unless you menstruate do not message me.”

In a recent message posted to her Telegram, and seen by The Foreign Desk, the woman, known by her nom de guerre “Umm Isa al Amriki,” warns “Brothers fear Allah and do not message me,” adding that “If you don’t know that messaging a sister is forbidden then stay in Dar Al-Kufr, sit back with the women if that’s what your truly love. Enjoy the company of women where you are. We don’t need such people here in Sham, we need men.”

Under strict Islamic law, socializing between men and women who are not related is heavily restricted, and in her rant, she refers to men who have messaged her online as “imitating the kuffar,” a derogatory term used to describe non-Muslims.

“Would you like it if some random brother messaged your wife or sister?” she asks rhetorically, before warning that any man who messages her will have his name forwarded to her husband.

Previously, she published her husband’s social media handle. He is an active recruiter of men to the Caliphate.

At least 250 Americans have joined the flow of fighters to the Islamic State, though some estimates believe that number to be much higher. One in six are reported to be women.

Several of her other entries include photos of cooking and baking in the Caliphate.

Women in the caliphate are typically not involved in combat, though it is unclear if she may be a member of the notorious Al-Khansaa Brigade, an all-women police unit enforcing the Islamic State’s strict religious doctrine.

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