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Documents reveal ISIS cash-for-terror reward system, Fighters’ lust for young boys

Documents recovered from a liberated town in Iraq, including a chart explaining jihadi fighters’ cash-for-terror tiered reward system, give further insight into the corrupt and complex day-to-day function of the Islamic State. The chart, outlining the terror group’s reward system for successful militant activities, was found along with other documents, official papers, religious texts and personal notebooks recovered from the liberated town of Bashiqa in northern Iraq, close to Mosul. The cache was seized by Kurdish Peshmerga following a battle to recapture the Iraqi town held by the Islamic State for two years, according to Sky News. The largest cash prize of seven golden dinars, according to the chart presented in bullet points, was awarded for the downing or destruction of enemy tanks, drones, helicopters or planes. Silver dirhams were given out for the killing or capturing of “apostate or unbelieving” soldiers. A half golden dinar was the going rate for a sniper kill, if evidence is corroborated by a witness, and a full dinar if a video of the killing was turned in to a unit leader. The use of chemical weapons was also incentivized, as jihadis were promised 10 silver dirhams for each chemical weapon mounted warhead they launch. Another document reveals how some jihadis were forced to grapple with or “suppress intimate feelings” for young boys. Islamic State religious police forbids fighters to keep young boys home with them, ordering young boys’ hair to be cut and fighters are cautioned to avoid staring at them. "The pre-pubescent boy with a beautiful face and a good looking body is a temptation among Muslims and if the devil enters Muslims through this door - God protect us… As it is said, with a maid there is only one devil - with a young boy there are two devils and as you know, God punished Sodom.” Despite the order, it appears from other documents in the seized cache that young boys, possibly young kidnapped Yazidis, continued to remain in the underground rooms with the jihadis. The documents also revealed that the fighters spent nights holed up in specifically-dug underground tunnels to avoid detection by coalition aircraft.
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