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Egypt requests Israel keep Turkey out of Gaza

Senior Egyptian Foreign Ministry officials have quietly expressed concerns regarding the status of a possible reconciliation between Israel and Turkey and the impact that may have on Turkey’s access to Gaza.

The prospect of Israel and Turkey resuming bilateral ties has left Egyptian officials concerned, according to Haaretz.

Last month, Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily reported that one of the key demands to reconciliation by Turkey is for Israel to allow for “unrestricted access” to Gaza.

The souring of the Israeli-Turkey relationship stems from the Gaza flotilla raid of September 2010, when Israeli forces boarded six Turkish ships that attempted to break Israel’s Gaza blockade.

Egypt and Israel jointly implemented a land, sea and air blockade to Gaza in 2007  in order to block the flow of weapons to terrorists.

Turkey’s relationship with Egypt has also deteriorated in recent years, primarily because of Turkey’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood and former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Turkey has also voiced support for Hamas while the Egyptian government declared Hamas a terror organization in early 2015.

That ruling was later reversed.

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