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FBI: Ft. Lauderdale attacker says he acted on behalf of ISIS

Esteban Santiago, the alleged shooter who killed five people at the Fort Lauderdale airport has reportedly told the FBI that he carried it out for the Islamic State, Michael Ferlazzo, FBI special agent, said under oath at a hearing Tuesday. Santiago was denied bond. Santiago, 26, an Iraq War veteran, opened fire at a baggage claim area at the Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport Jan. 6 where he had recently gotten off a flight and began shooting people at random. Promptly after the attack, federal agents in Alaska reported that Santiago had visited their office claiming that he was hearing voices and that the CIA was controlling his mind and forcing him to watch ISIS propaganda videos. Yet, FBI agent Ferlazzo said Santiago did not refer to these claims during a six-hour interrogation just after the shooting. Santiago also admitted to FBI officials that he participated in Jihadi chat rooms and corresponded with other aspiring jihadis planning attacks. He faces federal charges. His next court date was set for Jan. 30.
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