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Gruesome new ISIS video urges knife attacks on West, teaches homemade bomb techniques

A shocking new ISIS video released Saturday is urging so-called lone-wolf attackers to carry out jihadi attacks in the U.S. and Europe even without firearms. Entitled 'You Must Fight Them O Muwahhid,' the video seen by The Foreign Desk is one of the most appalling yet from the terror group, in which there is not only a tutorial, but an actual play-by-play demonstration of a killing, beginning with selecting the best knife. Muwahhid is an Islamic word typically used to describe a devout believer. The video also demonstrates how to assemble an improvised explosive device, or IED. The video has been widely distributed and shared by pro-Islamic State militants, appearing across several social media channels used by jihadis to spread their message. A YouTube video garnered close to 60,000 views before being removed early Sunday. "They closed the door of Hjirah (traveling to the Caliphate) on you so open the door of Jihad on them, Abu Sulayman al-Firansi, a jihadi identified in the video says, addressing Muslims in France. “Allah ordered us to fight those kuffar (non-believer) nearest to us… There is no need to use firearms, like a rifle or a pistol, Rather it is enough to use blade weapons,” he says. A prisoner stands bound behind him, arms outstretched as if ready for crucifixion, as an assistant enters and helps Firansi select a knife. A “commando” knife is not necessary, he says, discarding a large knife handed to him as well as a smaller pocket knife. He settles on a kitchen knife, demonstrating that a knife that is "easier to obtain" gets the job done. In the scenes that follow, Firansi describes the most vulnerable parts of the body to strike, demonstrating on his victim. The throat and chest, particularly the heart and thigh arteries in the lower part of the body are the key places to target, he says, at which point a jihadi enters and begins to dissect the hapless victim in the ways Firansi mentioned. Firansi also provides additional tips on how to approach someone from behind and ‘kill him by surprise’ and how to kill a victim face-on. firansi3 In another segment of the video, a jihadi provides a demonstration on “how to make simple explosive substances." He describes in vivid detail how to create an Acetone Peroxide bomb using easy to obtain ingredients. firansi4The video concludes with the ‘confession’ of an alleged spy accused of working with the Kurdish PKK against the Islamic State. Abd Isma’il Muhammad ash-Shayk, 23, is seen running through the desert carrying a bomb inside a knapsack. As he runs, jihadis fire at his feet before his bomb detonates and his body blown to pieces across the desert. firansi1 firansi2
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