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“Help us stay in our country:” Syrians thank Trump for strikes on Assad

As world reaction continues to pour in following U.S.-launched missile strikes at a Syrian government airbase, notable Syrians and Syrian activists have also been vocal in expressing their support and gratitude. Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old Syrian girl who rose to Internet stardom live-tweeting the siege of Aleppo last year, heaped praise in a series of tweets from Turkey this morning. https://twitter.com/AlabedBana/status/850252389114200065 “I am a Syrian child who suffered under Bashar al Asad & Putin. I welcome Donald Trump action against the killers of my people,” she wrote. https://twitter.com/AlabedBana/status/850259244498550784 “Putin and Bashar al Asad bombed my school, killed my friends & robbed my childhood. It's time to punish the killers of children in Syria,” she added. Kenan Rahmani, a Syrian American human rights activist wrote “I never thought I would say this: Thank you @realDonaldTrump. You have given hope to millions in #Syria.” Mouaz Moustafa, Executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, wrote, “We have been waiting 6 years for this day! Assad now knows that he cant act with impunity #Syria thank you @realDonaldTrump for decisiveness” Thank you Mr. President In an emotionally charged interview, Kassem Eid, a Syrian who survived a chemical weapons attack in 2013, told CNN he was grateful that Assad was finally being held accountable for his crimes against humanity. “I was overwhelmed; I felt grateful for President Trump; I felt grateful for the United States.” Eid was also asked to respond to comments by Hillary Clinton who continued to criticize Trump’s travel ban saying, “We cannot in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next close America's doors to them.” He responded by questioning Clinton’s silence at President Obama’s inaction in Syria. He challenged those Americans who protested the travel ban on why they remained silent about the chemical weapons attacks and other atrocities in Syria. “If you really care about refugees, if you really care about helping us, please, help us stay in our country. We don’t want to come to the United States, we want to stay in our country… “Please establish safe zones. Please take out Assad’s forces so there won’t be able to commit more atrocities using traditional weapons.”
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