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Iran regime forces confront teachers’ protest with tear gas and arrests

A gathering of Iran’s teachers in Isfahan Thursday was met with harsh contact with regime forces who threatened the protestors and sprayed tear gas, forcing them to disperse, according to multiple accounts. The protest was held outside the Department of Education building where current and retired teachers, mostly female, gathered. The teachers chanted, “We shout. We shout at all of this injustice,” a slogan which neatly rhymes in Farsi. Multiple videos of the event were posted on social media by protesters and bystanders. Two or three of the protesters were arrested, according to a teacher who posted her video online. Another account said regime forces reportedly grabbed the women’s clothing and their handbags in order to stop them and to demand identification. Many who witnessed the gathering said it a rather peaceful demonstration. Iran’s protesters are approaching the one-year anniversary of protests that took place starting  December 28, 2017 into January of 2018. During that time, segments of Iran’s population across the country and in various industries carried out the most widespread and large-scale demonstrations since the Green Revolution of June 2009. Throughout 2018, different sectors in Iran have launched boycotts, protests and walk-outs including truckers, cab drivers, teachers, entrepreneurs in Iran’s bazaars and others. The women of Iran have also taken to the streets in leading demonstrations against compulsory hijab, Islamic headscarf, and other freedoms.    
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