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ISIS & Al Qaeda exploit Dallas attacks, encourage more violence against the ‘oppressors’

While there are no suggestions that the Dallas shootings that targeted police leaving five officers dead and many more wounded have any ties to terror groups, jihadis online have wasted no time in lauding the attacks and calling on their supporters to carry out more violence. In private forum messages seen by The Foreign Desk, both ISIS and Al Qaeda acknowledged the Dallas attacks and encouraged their audience to be inspired to do more. In an Al Qaeda forum, a jihadi writes the attacks “by the grace of Allah 4 officers dead inshAllah” and says, “After all the mass murders the kuffars (blasphemers) have done in Muslim lands, pleasing to see them sniping each other.” “We may think of using this ‘racism’ topic as an opportunity to increase the division of the kuffar through propaganda and instigate more attacks on them!” he writes. He explicitly instructs followers to “make propaganda pictures and inspiring media works to instigate more black ppl (people) attacking the US govt.” And a message from ISIS was posted on an account by the United Cyber Caliphate, a self-proclaimed “hacking” group linked with the Islamic State. “Are all the ‘Black’ Criminals? Or it's just #America is the Terrorist?” the group posted. This particular media arm of the Islamic State in recent weeks published so-called ‘kill lists,’ urging supporters to go after people mentioned on a list with names and addresses. In keeping with its style of publishing ‘lists,’ the group posted a purported list of Dallas police arrests, urging people to compare “the ratio of the ‘White vs Black& Latino,’” while a second list displays Dallas police salaries with the caption, “How America buy The consciences of the people?” by #Money ....” (How does America buy the consciences of the people? Answer: by money.) Last month The Foreign Desk reported on an Al Qaeda affiliated online forum advising jihadis in the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack to target white Americans as opposed to minorities, to avoid having terror mislabeled as a hate crime. In an attack that left 49 dead and more than 50 wounded, ISIS-linked terrorist Omar Mateen opened fire at a gay bar in Florida in June. In a 911 call Mateen pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, and subsequently, the Islamic State’s AMAQ news later claimed responsibility.
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