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ISIS armed drone attack kills two Kurdish fighters, wounds French troops: Report

ISIS has used an armed drone to kill two Kurdish fighters and wound French troops, according to a report. In addition, two French paratroopers have also been seriously injured in the attack that occurred Oct. 2 near Erbil, Iraq. The paratroopers were part of the CPA-10, a French paratrooper commando unit deployed to Erbil, Iraq to help fortify the Kurdish front. The two commandos have been repatriated to a military hospital near Paris, where the condition of one of them remains serious, according to Le Monde. The CPA-10 unit is based at the Orléans – Bricy Air Base in France. Fears have increased in recent months that ISIS and other terrorist groups could deploy off-the-shelf and commercial drones fitted with improvised explosives as flying weapons capable of attacking nearby coalition forces. Noting the growing threat armed drones could have on U.S. troops in Iraq, the U.S. Defense Department requested $20 million in funding in July to “counter the effects of unmanned aerial systems and the threats they pose to U.S. forces" according to Bloomberg.
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