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ISIS e-book advises young recruits on how to tell their parents

An Islamic State member released an e-book advising young people around the world interested in joining The Caliphate, including advice on how to go about informing their parents of their decision to join ISIS. In the book, observed by The Foreign Desk, notorious British jihadi Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani, also known as the Supermarket Jihadi, referring to his previous job in the U.K., publishes “Advice For Those Doing Hijrah,” or holy migration, an extensive document meant to guide young ISIS recruits on every step of their travel to meet the Islamic State. The document, organized by a table of contents, includes everything from learning first aid, keeping physically fit, learning Arabic to all kinds of advice for newcomers on preparing for their trip. And for the young recruit leaving their parents, Britani suggests: “It is strongly advised not to tell your parents about your hijrah until you are here. Although your parents are the closest of people to you, you do not want to jeopardise your hijrah by telling them where you are going. There are two options you can have either inform them when you are on the borders of Turkey and Sh?m about to enter or once you are here in Sh?m. Both have their pros and cons, and one can decide for himself when they wish to tell their parents." Britani reassures his readers to help overcome their fear of traveling alone referencing many others who have made the journey through worse conditions. "Some people have taken months to get here. I met a brother who walked from Afghanistan to Turkey and then into Sh?m, all without a passport. There have been cases where people have had their fingers cut off due to the frostbite on the long journey walking from the regions of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan walking with barely any food and drink, walking for months on end. Many have taken daring risks to come here, our journey compared to theirs is nothing, so we should not be afraid of a simple flight journey.” Britani also motivates women to make the trip, reminding them that although Islamic law typically forbids women traveling without their husbands, in the case of making the trip to become a jihadi, it is permissible and even a religious obligation. “..In short, a sister can travel without her husband. Generally speaking it is unlawful for a woman to travel without a mahram, however in cases of hijrah being fard then it is likewise compulsory upon her to travel to Syria, even if she has to do it alone leaving him behind.”
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