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ISIS Facebook jihad targets Fox News

An ISIS-linked social media account synchronized another online jihad this weekend targetting a Fox News Facebook post. Followers were instructed to comment on a video from Saturday morning’s Fox and Friends, in which hosts Tucker Carlson, Anna Kooiman and Clayton Morris discussed the White House’s omission of the word “Islamic” in the transcript of French President Francois Hollande’s recent speech in Washington. “What’s bizarre… is that in the actual printed transcript on their (France) website, that word is there,” Clayton Morris pointed out. As the story goes, President Hollande was sitting across President Barack Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit Thursday when Hollande used the phrase “Islamist terrorism,” but the White House allegedly omitted the translation on the official press video on their website. “You’re watching reality denial. They’re pretending that something that is happening and everyone knows is happening is not happening,” Tucker Carlson added. "I think you have to name your enemy to defeat your enemy," Anna Kooiman said. The discrepancy was first reported by the Media Research Center, a media watchdog group. attackfoxfbLast week, The Foreign Desk reported on a similar coordinated Facebook jihad, in which the same social media account was instructing its followers to comment on an Al Jazeera post by refuting negative comments against ISIS. “We need everyone to go on and comment supporting the Islamic State,” the page administrator tells a group of about 40 followers with a link to the Fox News Facebook post. “Also whatever comments you see supporting the Islamic State, like them. Insha’Allah if we have everyone participating at one time, we will dominate the whole post and make some seriously strong da’wah.” ‘Da’wah’ refers to a type of proselytizing, a requirement mandated by ISIS to spread their strict version of Sharia Law and Islam. Followers are then instructed to ”scroll through and like all the PRO-ISIS comments so we can get them up top!” The administrator is referring to taking advantage of Facebook’s algorithm, in which heavily liked comments stay up top. The post also offers a link on “How to make Facebook account with no phone number.”  
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