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ISIS-inspired jihadis call for holiday season attacks

Islamic State-inspired jihadis are encouraging would-be jihadis to carry out knife attacks on the West during the upcoming holiday season. The Foreign Desk has obtained access to an English-language encrypted Telegram chatroom where jihadis are posting videos, guides and tutorials, ranging from knife attack infographics to bomb assembly and oddly enough, full-length tutorials on Krav Maga, an Israeli themed martial arts and self-defense technique. “Christmas, Hanukah and New Years Day is very soon InshaAllah. So lets prepare a gift for the filthy pigs / apes,” reads one post, below a screenshot of a pressure cooker bomb-making tutorial. Entitled “LM” or lone mujahid, the chat room aims to be a resource for terrorist wanabees who are looking to carry out so called ‘lone-wolf’ jihad. lm1A pointing finger beneath the photo brings attention to suggested attack gear including a shoe bomb, suicide vests and dynamite. There are video tutorials on how to make “ricin powder” and “explosive belt manufacturing,” and even ideas for alternative materials to use when listed items aren’t readily available. Use “nuts nails bolts etc” as an alternative to ball bearings, a post reads. lm3An entry from last month shows a photograph with individual headshots of the 9/11 hijackers with an empty square at the end and the caption: “Here will always be an opening for the next Lone Mujahid Hence the Blank Space in the bottom right of the picture!” Introducing Krav Maga, the group lauds the Israeli IDF-taught martial art system as “devised by jews for the purpose of ending a fight as quick as possible.” “K.M. is really beneficial for the Lone Mujahid is that majority of the techniques and moves are very deadly unlike most self defense styles and also deal with disarming weapons like gun knife and sticks to fighting with knifes and guns.” Additional “Hagana” (self-defense) videos are introduced with the disclaimer “videos contain music,” as ISIS put out a notice banning music, particularly the Western variety, at the time the Caliphate was formed in 2014. lm2
Another infographic, with current statistics about suicide attacks, says, “Don't you think it's about time you add your score to the leader board ??.” Alongside video of a female suicide bomber in Libya, the channel taunts viewers, “Shame on brothers who are watching doing nothing while our Sisters are ready to sacrifice for the SAKE OF ALLAH.” Fearing deletion by Telegram Support, the group urges others in a “Special Request!” to save and spread the propaganda material before it’s taken down. fp1border krav1
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