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ISIS releases video in Hebrew with a “message to the Jews”

ISIS has released a video featuring a militant speaking in Hebrew. In a video seen by The Foreign Desk, a jihadist announces a “clear and important message for all Jews, the first enemy of Muslims.” Addressing “Jews who conquered the land of the Muslims,” he warns that the “real war has not started yet,” with a warning that “everything that happened in the past is child’s play compared to what will occur in the near future… There will not remain a single Jew in Jerusalem, nor throughout the entire land.” This video, posted on YouTube, is the latest production put out by the Islamic State propaganda machine, which frequently uses social media platforms to broadcast its messages. The militant references the recent surge in knife attacks carried out by “our Palestinian brethren” and notes the air of fear currently gripping Israelis, then threatens, “From Sinai, from Damascus, from around the world we will come to you to eliminate you, and we swear to you, we will not forget to avenge even one drop of Muslim blood.” This is the first time the group has released a video in Hebrew, following last week’s incitement videos, encouraging the Palestinians to continue their knife attacks on Jews in Israel. An Israeli official told The Foreign Desk, “In the age of social media, Israel cannot fully insulate itself from the incitement and hatred spread by ISIS.” “However, it is important to note that ISIS has had very little success in trying to recruit Israeli Muslims. The Arab community in Israel as a whole has strongly rejected the toxic messages of this terrorist organization,” he said. To date, officials estimate that approximately 40 Arab Muslims living in Israel have gone to join the Islamic State. This is small fraction of the more than 1.5 million Arabs living in Israel. The militant concludes the video by removing a knife from his pocket, and in an ominous tone, states “perhaps you think this is far-fetched and difficult, but we see it is easy and near.”
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