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ISIS suggests targeting Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade by ramming trucks into crowds

ISIS has called for jihadis in the U.S. to use trucks to kill as many attendees as possible at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The terror group posted a new message to potential jihadis in the third issue of its Rumiyah (Rome) Magazine intended for its supporters in the West, suggesting that using cars in high-speed ram attacks are the easiest and most effective way to cause major carnage. “Very few actually comprehend the deadly and destructive capability of the motor vehicle and its capacity of reaping large numbers of casualties if used in a premeditated manner,” the post states, emphasizing the success of the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France July 14 in which Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel’s killed 85 and injured 434 by intentionally ramming a cargo truck through a crowded promenade. “The method of such an attack is that a vehicle is plunged at a high speed into a large congregation of kuffar, smashing their bodies…crushing their heads, torsos, and limbs under the vehicle’s wheels and chassis – and leaving behind a trail of carnage,” the post says. And when a jihadi comes to choose a potential target, they advice, priority should be given to the accessibility of vehicles. Practical locations to target include large outdoor gatherings, heavily congested streets, festivals, parades and political rallies. macys0 A photo of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade appears with the caption beneath: “An excellent target.” “It has been shown that smaller vehicles are incapable of granting the level of carnage that is sought,” the author argues, citing that one of the central reasons for this is that smaller cars don’t have the weight and wheel span needed to cause a large number of casualties. “Similarly, off-roaders, SUVs, and four-wheel drive vehicles lack the necessary attributes required for causing a blood bath,” the post states. The ideal car is a load-bearing truck which is “large in size,” heavy in weight, double wheeled, “giving victims less of a chance to escape being crushed by the vehicle’s tires.” The writer lists ways in which one can obtain a car, including buying, renting, borrowing from a friend, relative or acquaintance, or hot-wiring or carjacking a vehicle. Rumiyah is a reference to an Islamic prophecy foreshadowing the downfall of Rome following the collapse of Constantinople, which fell in the Muslim conquest of 1415 anmacys2 macys1d calls for the targeting of all non-Muslims.        
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