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ISIS ‘suicide brigade’ discovered; over 120 suicide bombers ready to launch attacks in Europe

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s deadly attacks in Brussels, documents can now confirm the existence of an Islamic State “Suicide Brigade,” a groups of 123 members including 25 Belgians trained and readied by ISIS to launch attacks in Europe. The “Suicide Brigade,” consisting of jihadi recruits who join the Caliphate solely to die as martyrs, originate from France, Germany, Tunisia, Egypt and Spain, as ISIS registration documents passed along to Sky News confirmed. Tuesday's attacks on a Brussels' metro station and airport that killed at least 34 and injured more than 230 underscored yet again what authorities believed was a deeply rooted terror cell within Brussels' Molenbeek district after many months of serious counterterrorism investigations by French and Belgian authorities in the manhunt for the Nov. 13 Paris attacks mastermind Salah Abdeslam who was captured in Brussels Friday. Thousands of pages of documents reveal the names of the 123 registrants, their place of origin and the position they would like within the Caliphate—many times the answer plainly provided was “suicide bomber.” The documents also confirm the presence of two camps where hundreds of ISIS fighters are being taught how to carry out attacks and then to train recruits abroad in order to conduct more attacks in home countries. One of the registration documents belonged to an ISIS member who was killed last week during raids in Brussels and reveals that he went through an ISIS training program in Raqqa, Syria. Earlier this month, The Foreign Desk reported a leak in which ISIS documents revealed personal details for 22,000 foreign ISIS fighters.
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