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ISIS video game encourages players to “Shoot Obama”

Islamic State jihadis in Indonesia have launched a series of video games that encourage players to shoot President Obama and attack Captain America. The games are based on popular American video games and characters and are available on the Android platform. 851335970_131144_2612425804756960543One of the games, “Shoot Obama,” based on the popular game "Archery Tournament," instructs players to shoot at a President Obama bullseye target. When a player hits the board, a chant of ‘Allahu Akbar,’ is heard. “This game is suitable for all people, not least the small child,” the game description states. “In order for our children to know who is the enemy of Islam from the start.” An announcement was recently shared on an ISIS-linked Telegram account with a link to download the games. A second game, “Captain IS,” features a character resembling Captain America who players attack while spectators, including children, look on. The third game in the series is “Ace Captain IS,” a modified version of “Ace Captain Junior,” a popular comic superhero game, in which a user can select a “day version,” running along the banks of the Tigris River dodging coalition aircraft and tanks, while a night mode displays the backdrop of a town under ISIS that has been bombed by coalition aircraft. Twitter has taken down a “Captain IS” account with over 500 tweets and 250 followers. The San Francisco-based Internet Archive website has been hosting them since December of 2015.
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