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Islamic State operating a ‘jihadi technical college’

A new video obtained by Sky News depicts what can only be described as a ‘Jihadi technical college.’ In a video smuggled out of the Caliphate’s defacto capital Raqqa, Islamic State jihadis are seen converting heat-seeking fighter jet missiles into surface to air missiles with the help of their weapons research and development team. Islamic State 'scientists' appear to successfully create a homemade thermal battery to power the missiles, an issue terror groups were not able to resolve previously because of the short shelf life of the original thermal batteries. The outcome has left Intelligence experts in the West stunned, and there are mounting fears that ISIS could recommission thousands of missiles previously rendered redundant through old age, according to Sky News. The Islamic State’s weapons R&D team has also succeeded in creating remote-controlled vehicles that act as bombs, as well testing new small bombs, observed by The Foreign Desk in ISIS Telegram posts. Terror groups have had their hands on these battery-dead missiles for years as they’ve been left throughout war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan by foreign militaries, and now for the first time, they are close to being made operational again by ISIS.
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