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This is ‘WOMEN OF IRAN,’ the short film produced by Martin Kunert & Eric D Manes, along with 2x Oscar winning Moriah Films, for the Simon Wiesenthal Center gala.

This beautifully poignant film, which captures the emotional fight of the Iranian people was presented to a room of almost 1000 attendees before I received my award. There were so many tears and a standing ovation- standing and applauding the courage of the Iranian people and their ongoing revolution. I am in awe of these film makers and their ability to transport the audience into the psychological and viceral battle the Iranian people have been fighting generation to generation in only a few minutes. Thank you, Simon Weisenthal Center, Eric, Martin and Moriah Films. To be heard and understood is a gift to the freedom-seeking Iranian people. I hope you, too, will watch. Thank you.

*Film was created for educational purposes, and therefore Fair Use.

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