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New ISIS magazine praises Ohio State attacker, pushes knife-jihad tutorial

As the Islamic State continues to celebrate the ‘martyrdom’ of the Ohio State University terrorist, the terror group is doubling down on their knife attack campaign in the group’s latest magazine, observed by The Foreign Desk. Rumiyah 4, the latest Islamic State periodical, was released Wednesday with new charts and images instructing would-be jihadis on the best knives to use and the most lethal parts of the body to stab. Referring to Ohio State terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan as “a soldier of the Islamic State” and “our brother,” the author writes, “The attack was carried out in response to the Islamic State’s call to target the citizens of the nations involved in the Crusader coalition.” The magazine was released in multiple languages including Turkish, Pashtu, Russian, German, Kurdish and others. The English and French versions were released later, causing speculation among analysts. This comes as President-elect Donald Trump visits with the victims and first responders in the Ohio State Univeristy attack Thursday. Just days before the campus attack, ISIS-linked media put out an extensive tutorial video reported by The Foreign Desk on how to properly behead someone using only a kitchen knife. In the video, a masked attacker encourages knife attacks on the West, at one point stating, “There is no need to use firearms like a rifle or a pistol, rather it is enough to use blade weapon.” Hours after the attack, screen grabs from the video were posted to jihadi accounts pointing to the most sensitive parts of the body to attack and advising how to select a proper kitchen knife: “Do not use a short knife. Do not use a long knife. Choose a good middle sized knife that does not fold.” Artan, a Somali refugee who lived near campus, drove over the sidewalk with his car, deliberately ramming his vehicle into a crowd of people before getting out and launching a stabbing attack with a butcher knife. Eleven people were injured before Artan was shot by a nearby police officer. The Islamic State made claims of responsibility the next day. A peculiar build-up of suspense came ahead of the release in which at least two unauthentic Rumiyah 4 downloads, which were actually empty pdf files, were released and subsequently dismissed as fakes by ISIS-affiliated social media pages. It is not clear who released these fake versions. The magazine also contains a translated transcript of new ISIS spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir’s speech from earlier this week. rumiyah4 knife  
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