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New ISIS video sends message to Pres. Obama

ISIS has released a new video threatening Pres. Obama and accusing him of "waging war against Allah." The message refers back to the U.S./Kurdish coordinated raid that freed 70 hostages in Hawijah, Northern Iraq last week. Titled “The reality of the American raid," the video appears to be a recounting of the attack by ISIS sympathizers and concludes with the execution of 4 prisoners, believed to be Iraqis. An English speaking jihadi draws his knife as a prisoner dressed in an orange jumpsuit kneels in front of him. Facing the camera, he says: “Obama, you have learned a new lesson. 600 soldiers of the Caliphate faced four hundred of your children. They killed and injured them. By Allah’s grace, you are probably surprised by this. Oh crusaders, it is the support of Allah. You did not gain anything. You returned to your bases with loses and humiliation. Obama, you wage war against Allah; He supports us against you. There is the promise of Allah; Allah will never fail in His promise.”  
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