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Pro-ISIS jihadis post video tutorials on how to set off bombs using a cellphone and pressure cooker

Just after this weekend’s attacks in New York and New Jersey, pro-ISIS jihadis are exploiting the moment by publishing video tutorials on how to create pressure-cooker bombs and how to attach and deploy cellphone detonators, according to social media posts observed by The Foreign Desk. The links to the videos were uploaded Sunday morning by a group called “Cyber Kahilafah,” pro-Islamic State hackers, who operate online with an added layer of stealth, creating and sharing most of their content via the highly secure and anonymous TOR browser. Though no group has as-yet claimed responsibility for the terror attacks in the Chelsea area of Manhattan which injured 29 and in Elizabeth N.J., the existence and sharing of these videos in peer-to-peer fashion online, underline the extent of jihadi sophistication and outreach in the digital age. The first video, entitled “Phone Bomb” instructs jihadis on the parts needed and how to wire a battery to a circuit, a transistor and an explosive and appears to be based on an animated version of a manual posted to a jihadi forum in 2012. Another video, originally published after the Paris attacks of November 2015, illustrates how to assemble a pressure-cooker bomb filled with explosives and ball bearings. Against a backdrop of Islamic nasheeds or tunes, a jihadi demonstrates how to attach a cellphone which can then be remotely detonated. There’s even time for some branding as he attaches the Islamic State insignia to the pressure cooker. The appearance of these videos so shortly after the attacks could indicate some sort type of coordination between ISIS and the attacker or merely could indicate an opportune moment for the terror group to arouse other jihadis to follow in suit. Earlier Monday, police arrested Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, the suspect wanted in connection with the weekend bombings, following a shootout with police in Linden, N.J. Authorities are waiting to question Rahami in the hope of learning vital clues on his motive and allegiance to any terror group. vlcsnap-2016-09-19-17h46m05s158 isisvid2 isisvid1
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