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Iran Space Launch Fails to Put Payloads into Orbit – Official

The attempted launch drew criticism from the United States, Germany and France.
Iran space launch fails to put payloads into orbit - official
Space launch (illustrative) (photo credit: NASA) Advertisement

The Jerusalem Post

Iran’s space launch on Thursday failed to put its three payloads into orbit after the rocket was unable to reach the required speed, a defense ministry spokesman said in remarks carried on state television on Friday.

The attempted launch, which came as indirect US-Iran talks take place in Austria to try to salvage a 2015 nuclear deal, drew criticism from the United States, Germany and France.”

For a payload to enter orbit, it needs to reach speeds above 7,600 (meters per second). We reached 7,350,” the spokesman, Ahmad Hosseini, said in a documentary about the launch vehicle broadcast on state TV and posted online.

On Thursday, Hosseini did not clarify whether the devices had reached orbit, but suggested the launch was a test ahead of coming attempts to put satellites into orbit.

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