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Iranian Christian Convert Flogged for Partaking in Communion

An Iranian Christian convert received 80 lashes for partaking in Communion wine this week.  

Zaman Fadaee sustained injuries from the lashing and is currently serving a sentence of six years in prison for charges of “acting against the national security through propagating house churches and promoting Zionist Christianity.”

Another Iranian Christian, Mohammad Reza (Youhan) Omidi, also received 80 lashes in October for participating in Communion.

For decades, Iranian Christians have experienced regular occurrences of persecution at the hands of the regime in Iran, which is particularly harsh on converts to Christianity.  

While Iran provides limited protection for Assyrian and Armenian Christians, who are natively Christian, Persian Christians who come from a Muslim background and convert to Christianity are seen as ‘turning their backs on Islam.’

They are treated as criminals and often endure imprisonment and various human rights abuses for practicing their faith.

Despite rampant persecution, Christianity in the region continues to grow at a rapid rate.

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