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Russia Says ‘Significant Progress’ Made in Iran Nuclear Talks

Mikhail Ulyanov on Twitter

Russia’s top diplomat at the Iran nuclear talks in Vienna said world powers had made “significant progress” as their negotiations to revive a landmark 2015 agreement enter their final stage.

In a tweet on Sunday, Mikhail Ulyanov, who’s representing Russia in the talks, said that assessments of the current situation -- in which Iran and the U.S. remain in a tense standoff over how to restore the nuclear deal -- were “positive.”

He didn’t give further details and has tended to share a more upbeat outlook on the negotiations, compared with the U.S. and the main European powers involved. Ulyanov, who also met with Iran’s top envoy in the talks and the U.S.’s Special Envoy for Iran on Sunday, said in an earlier tweet that the talks were “at the final stage.”

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