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Videos: Protests Erupt in Over 100 Cities in Iran

Watch the latest protests in Iran in dozens of cities across the country

Protests continue for a third day in Iran in reaction to the 300 percent increase in gasoline prices. Regime forces brutally attack protesters, even allegedly killing some, although the number of deaths has not been confirmed. Government forces shut down internet services hoping to minimize efforts to organize, gather and report happenings on social media.


Sunday night in Tehran, Iran. Protesters remain on the streets till late hours, blocking traffic and setting fires.

A bank set on fire by protesters in Tehran.

Protesters in Tehran set fire to a bus belonging to the regime’s anti-protest security forces

Protests on Imam Ali Highway in Tehran where protesters have shut down vehicle traffic with burning tires, chanting, "We will take back our rights!" and "Long live Reza Shah!"

Thousands of protesters and onlookers supported them from above Martyr's Bridge.


Protesters continue to wreak havoc by closing down the main roads and setting fires to commercial buildings.


Protesters set fires that continue burning in Karaj, Iran Sunday night.

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