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U.S.-Led Coalition Operation in Northern Syria Targeted Jihadists

A State Department spokesperson said a decision on the maritime boundary is one for Israel and Lebanon to make.
Raid by US-led coalition said to target jihadists in northwest Syria
American soldiers deploy in Hassakeh, Syria, Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022. After breaking into the prison late Thursday, IS militants were joined by others rioting inside the facility that houses over 3,000 inmates, including hundreds of minors. They took hostages from among the prison staff and have since been holed up in the northern wing at one end of the facility, known as al-Sinaa or Gweiran prison. (AP Photo/Orhan Qereman)

The Jerusalem Post

A US-led coalition raid on Thursday targeted a suspected al Qaeda-affiliated jihadist in a northern Syrian town, residents and sources with the rebels fighting against the Syrian government said.

They said several helicopters landed in an area near the town of Atmeh in the province of Idlib, which is in an area under rebel control along the border with Turkey, where explosions were heard near the home of a foreign jihadist, they said.

A resident confirmed several people are dead.

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