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U.S. Embassy In U.A.E Warns Citizens of ‘Possible Missile or Drone Strike’

A fourth attack involving drones that the UAE said were intercepted was claimed by a little-known group.
The spectacular Abu Dhabi skyline (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
The spectacular Abu Dhabi skyline (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)

The US Embassy in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday warned US citizens of “reports of a possible missile or drone strike” over Abu Dhabi and asked them to take safety measures.

Also Wednesday, civil defense teams in Abu Dhabi said they put out a fire caused by a gas cylinder explosion.

The United Arab Emirates has in recent weeks faced mostly foiled attacks by Yemen’s Houthi movement. It was not clear if the reports cited by the embassy were linked to the fire.

UAE authorities did not immediately respond to a request for comment and the US embassy could not immediately be reached. Houthi-run media have not claimed any new attack.

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