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Expert: U.S. Must Confront China as ‘the Enemy of the Free World’

Dr. Nile Gardiner, Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation warns that it will be dangerous for the free world if a Biden administration returns to Obama-era policies towards China.

“We have to view China not as a potential partner for the United States as many on the left do. We have to view China as an adversary. China is the enemy of the free world,” said Gardiner on The Foreign Desk with Lisa Daftari podcast.

“The Obama era was a period of U.S. retreat, of surrender, and the U.S. kowtowed to China at every opportunity. We cannot allow that to happen for a second time. If that is going to be the approach of a Biden presidency, it will be another period of U.S. decline.”

Gardiner emphasized the importance of U.S. leadership on the world stage, praising President Trump for being the first president in decades to confront China.

“U.S. leadership matters. Only the United States can lead the world, and we have to confront the enemies of freedom, and China is at the top of that list,” said Gardiner.

“We cannot, in any way, make concessions to Beijing.”

During the Obama administration, the U.S. allowed China to gain international influence through a foreign policy that failed to confront China’s ambitions to undermine the U.S. as the world leader.

“China’s communist party devotes a great amount of its time to trying to undermine the United States and the free world, and we have to combat China’s threat, its influence, on every single front,” said Gardiner.

Gardiner stated he has little faith in a Biden administration’s ability to counter the Chinese threat because Biden “hasn’t demonstrated an ounce of determination or strength in standing up to China before.”

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