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Could Hezbollah be in your Thanksgiving turkey?!

It turns out authorities are investigating a major American food production company for having alleged ties with the terror group Hezbollah. According to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Seaboard Corp., the Kansas-based food provider that brings Butterball turkeys to the market has come under scrutiny for supposedly giving millions of dollars in financial support to Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Shiite proxy terror organization. It appears Seaboard attempted to allegedly cover-up transactions linked to wheat-flour to a firm owned by a Lebanese entrepreneur and his family just after the man and his two brothers were placed on the U.S. terror list in 2009 and 2010. The brothers were a part of a terror-financing ring that led millions of dollars to Hezbollah, according to the U.S. Justice Department. According to Seaboard, the company did not continue doing business with the firm once they were on the terror list and claim that the accusations originated from a business competitor.
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