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Twitter CEO Called Out for Allowing Holocaust-Denial Tweets

Just days after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey banned President Donald Trump from his platform, he is being called out by Jewish civil rights activists for allowing Holocaust-denial tweets.

“Dorsey has been quick to ban content that he deems to be ‘misinformation’ when it comes to politics, the pandemic, or other issues of consequence. But when users on his platform spread harmful lies about the systematic murder of six million Jews, he does nothing,” grassroots Jewish civil rights movement End Jew Hatred (EJH) said in a press release on Monday.

“The people have caught on to your hypocrisy. If you are going to be in the business of censorship, why do you allow Holocaust denial on your platform,” EJH tweeted.

End Jewish Hatred protestors showed up at Jack Dorsey’s residence Monday and played audio recordings of Holocaust-denial tweets that still exist on Twitter without censorship including “The holohoax never happened, but I want to do it again every time” and “Holocaust us fake.”

Twitter claims that users “may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people” and prohibits “the glorification of violence;” however, “Jack Dorsey [continues] to give Holocaust deniers a bigger platform today than Hitler had in his time,” according to an EJH activist.

In October 2020, Twitter claimed it banned Holocaust denial tweets; however, when asked specifically about this topic during a Senate hearing later that same month, Dorsey said Twitter did not “have a policy against that type of misleading information.”

The same day, Dorsey made this statement, the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted “why is it a crime to raise doubts about the Holocaust?”

The tweet has yet to be removed from the platform.

“We have an approach toward leaders that says that direct interactions with fellow public figures, comments on political issues of the day, or foreign policy saber-rattling on military-economic issues are generally not in violation of our rules,” said Twitter’s policy head for Israel and Nordic countries, Ylwa Pettersson.

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