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Israel Suffers 5 Killed and 7 Wounded in Friendly-Fire Incident

Israeli tanks roll through Gaza. IDF
Israeli tanks roll through Gaza. IDF

Five Israeli soldiers were killed and seven wounded when they were mistakenly targeted by IDF armor assets in northern Gaza at around 7 p.m. local time on Wednesday.

The personnel were assigned to the 202nd Battalion of Israel’s 35th Paratroopers Brigade.

The incident happened when two friendly tanks, supporting an operation in the Jabalia refugee camp, discharged munitions at a structure where the unit had established a field headquarters.

The decision to fire was reportedly made after the presence of a weapon in the building was detected.

The individuals who fired the shells were said to have been under pressure from Hamas-deployed RPG attacks at the time of the occurrence.

The IDF identified the deceased as SSgt. Gilad Boim, 22; Sgt. Daniel Chemu, 20; Sgt. Ilan Cohen, 20; SSgt. Betzalel Shashuah, 21; and Cpt. Roy Yaakov, 22. As a matter of custom, the Jewish state often posthumously promotes its fallen fighters.

On Thursday, Sgt. Maj. Ran Yavetz, 39, was killed and four of his colleagues were injured in an “operational accident” in Israel near the Gaza border.

The tragic occurrences bring Israel’s total casualties during the seven-month-long war in the coastal enclave to 279, with at least 50 of them being of an unintentional nature.

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