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Attack Drone Launched from Iraq Hits Israeli Naval Base

Eilat, Israel. dreamstime.com
Eilat, Israel. dreamstime.com

Israeli defense officials have confirmed that an attack-drone that entered the country’s airspace from Jordan early Sunday, struck an aircraft hangar at a naval base in Eilat. The weapon reportedly came close to hitting a docked warship.

The damage to the structure was said to be minor and no casualties were reported in the incursion.

IDF Spokesperson, Admiral Daniel Hagari, described the munition as being “made in Iran and directed by Iran,” and classified the event as “a very serious incident.”

The Iran-backed Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility for the action, saying that it had struck a “vital target” with “appropriate weapons.”

In December, the Jordanian military announced that they destroyed another Eilat-bound drone that was fired by the terror group.

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