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Hamas Had Plans to Use Chemical Weapons: Cyanide Device Instructions Found on Hamas Invader: Report


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) discovered a USB flash drive containing instructions for crafting a "cyanide dispersion device" on a Hamas terrorist who took part in the invasion of southern Israel on Oct. 7, as reported by Axios.

The report stated that following this discovery, the Israeli foreign ministry issued a diplomatic cable titled "Hamas Intent to Use Chemical Weapons" to Israeli embassies worldwide. The message instructed the respective ambassadors to privately inform their host countries about this development because Hamas wants "to conduct attacks in a similar way that ISIS tried to do."

According to the memo, Israeli intelligence services traced the plans to a manual published by Al Qaeda in 2003. The IDF has reported that they found other reference materials by the notorious terror group on the bodies of some of the invaders who were killed during the Oct. 7 attack on the Sufa Kibbutz.

In addition to Al Qaeda-linked documents found on the attackers, Israel's chief military spokesperson told reporters Oct. 12 that the IDF also found flags and membership symbols from the Islamic State within their captured personal effects.

Israel's President Isaac Herzog confirmed Sunday on Sky News that the communication was sent by his foreign ministry, calling the files "official Al Qaeda material."

Axios said that they could not confirm the authenticity of the file, but Israeli officials informed the news site that they would only share information with their allies if they were confident in its accuracy.

There is no indication as to whether Hamas has actually produced any cyanide.

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