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Israel Discovers Evidence of Iran Helping Hamas Build Precision Missiles


Israel Defense Forces operating in Gaza City's Daraj and Tuffah districts over the weekend found parts used by Hamas to create precision-guided missiles and other strategic weapons with assistance from the terrorist group's sponsor, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The IDF's Nahal Brigade troops discovered "components proving terrorists of the Hamas terror organization learned under Iranian guidance how to operate and build precision components and strategic weapons."

"Over the last few days, we encountered the enemy and many [terror] squads, infrastructure, and booby-trapped houses," said IDF Nahal Brigade Commander Colonel Yair Zuckerman.

The IDF shared their discovery on X (Twitter), displaying images of a rocket engine and warhead. The Iranian-sponsored weapons manufacturing plant was found as part of an operation to expose a 330-foot terror tunnel.

"These findings show Iran is clearly trying to develop the precision of Hamas' arsenal, using the model it employed with respect to Hezbollah," said Jason Brodsky, policy director at United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI).

"It shows an attempt to nurture a local capability in Gaza to increase the precision of its missiles," he added.

The IDF troops also found numerous terror tunnels and rocket launching pads used to target Tel Aviv Israeli communities near the Gaza border, said Colonel Zuckerman.

"The Iranian regime has long enabled Hezbollah's advanced missile capability," said Len Khodorkovsky, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and senior advisor to the United States Representative for Iran under the Trump administration.

Hamas has been thwarted from accessing this technology because Israel makes it harder to smuggle the necessary components into Gaza.

"The implications of IDF's discovery are, first, if Hamas is not eliminated as a threat now, it will deploy even deadlier missiles next time; and second, the real threat isn't in Gaza. It's in Tehran," Khodorkovsky stated.

Since the creation of the Islamic Republic, the Ayatollahs have spent enormous resources on providing training, funds, and weaponry to various Islamic terrorist groups to attack Israel, the US, and Sunni Arab states.

In Lebanon, Tehran has successfully supplied the Shiite Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah with around 200,000 precision-guided missiles powerful enough to overwhelm the IDF's Iron Dome Defense and target Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and various parts of the Jewish state.

Israel officials ranging from the Prime Minister to the Defense Minister have warned Hezbollah not to get involved in the ongoing war, or else Israel would resort to crushing the Iranian-backed proxy in southern Lebanon.

Following the Oct. 7 massacre by Hamas against Israel, Tehran stated that the attack was in response to the death of former Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force Chief Qassem Soleimani by the former Trump administration.

Hamas officials have denied that their attack was in response to the death of the former Quds Force Chief.

"There have been indications over the years that the Islamic Republic was eyeing a precision project in Gaza, including another of its proxies, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), boasting in a 2019 documentary that it already had precision missiles. This evidence is some of the clearest to date about Hamas' progress with respect to precision," Brodsky told The Foreign Desk.

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