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Israel Strikes UNRWA School Harboring Elite Hamas Terrorists

IDF Spokesperson Adm. Daniel Hagari. youtube.com
IDF Spokesperson Adm. Daniel Hagari. youtube.com

Israel’s military announced on Thursday that it carried out a “precise strike” on a UNRWA school in Gaza that was being used as a shelter by members of the Hamas terrorist organization’s elite Nukhba force.

The IDF clarified that due to the sensitivity of the location, the incursion took place before dawn, and precautions were taken to avoid civilian casualties.

“The strike eliminated terrorists who had planned to carry out terror attacks and advance imminent terror schemes against our forces,” the IDF said, and “many steps were taken before the strike to minimize the risk of harm to uninvolved people.”

The Times of Israel reported that they had viewed information suggesting that the operation was postponed twice to ensure compliance with humanitarian principles because non-combatants were reportedly in the vicinity of the target zone.

Despite the precautions taken, Hamas-run media claimed that 27 individuals were killed in a “massacre” resulting from the action.

In his evening press conference, IDF spokesperson Adm. Daniel Hagari said that at least nine Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives were eliminated in the effort.

“Some of these terrorists participated in the massacre on October 7. We will pursue anyone who participated in October 7,” he told reporters.

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