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Qatar Reportedly Still Considering Hamas Expulsion from Country

Doha, Qatar. tourist-destinations.com
Doha, Qatar. tourist-destinations.com

A Qatari official told Reuters on Saturday that his government is still considering the closure of the Hamas offices that are currently located in the country.

The Persian Gulf nation is reportedly reexamining its relationship with the Gaza-based terrorist organization as it reviews its role as a mediator in the now seven-month-long war that Hamas has been fighting with Israel.

"If Qatar isn’t going to be mediating, they won’t see a point in keeping the political office. So that is a part of the reassessment," the official told the news outlet.

Last month, a report by The Wall Street Journal suggested that the terror group may be planning to relocate to another country in the region.

Hamas leaders have been domiciled in Doha since 2012, in an agreement that was supported by the United States. The arrangement has recently come under significant criticism by several Washington lawmakers in light of their role in perpetrating the October 7 massacre in southern Israel.

Last week, a senior diplomat in Amman strongly expressed his state’s disapproval when a Hamas fundraiser suggested on Lebanese television that they could move to Jordan in the immediate future.

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