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South Africa Asks ICJ to Halt Israel’s Rafah Operations

The South African legal team at the ICJ. icj-cij.org
The South African legal team at the ICJ. icj-cij.org

The International Court of Justice announced that it will hold hearings on Thursday and Friday related to a request by South Africa to order the Israeli military to stop all maneuvers in the Gazan city of Rafah.

The declaration comes as the African country continues to lead a 62-nation effort at the Netherlands-based institution to adjudicate Israel as guilty of “failing to prevent genocide” against Palestinian civilians in the current war against the Hamas terrorist organization.

In addition to the forced ceasefire, Pretoria is also asking the judges to require unrestricted access to the coastal enclave by U.N. agents, aid providers, journalists, and war crimes investigators.

Jerusalem has forcefully and repeatedly denied that it has ever targeted non-combatants and insists that its soldiers operate according to international law.

In addition to maintaining a strict code of operational conduct, IDF spokespersons have said that they place no limitation on the amount of humanitarian assistance that is allowed into the warzone, and in some incidents, they have directly provided supplies to the local population.

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