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Ahead of Iran Deal Decision, White House To “Focus the Fire on Trump”

The White House hopes the message will be amplified by current and former officials in the U.S. and in Israel who believe Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal was a mistake.
Ahead of Iran deal decision, White House to "focus the fire on Trump"
Jen Psaki briefs the press as Jake Sullivan looks on. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images


With the Iran nuclear talks reaching a critical moment, the White House plans to focus much of its public messaging in the coming weeks on attacking former President Donald Trump for leaving the 2015 deal, two sources briefed on the White House plans told me.

Why it matters: The Biden administration thinks it's now just a matter of weeks before the critical decision point: Either a deal will be reached and the U.S. will return to the nuclear deal or talks will break down and the administration will move to put more pressure on Iran, the sources said.

  • Both scenarios will generate political backlash, particularly from Republicans, but the White House wants to keep Democrats together in part by emphasizing that it was Trump who triggered this crisis and left them with only bad options.
  • "They are going to focus the fire on Trump," one source said.
  • A senior administration official said the White House would "continue to clearly state the facts and set the record straight at this critical moment for diplomacy and important point in history."

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