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CDC Significantly Reduces Estimate of Omicron Prevalence in U.S.

Omicron was most prevalent in the South, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, and the New York area in the week that ended on Dec. 25, according to CDC data.
COVID antigen testers at UW-Eau Claire Monday in Eau Claire, WI. The test is for those who are asymptomatic and takes about 20 minutes from the time the swab is taken until the results come back. (Photo by David Joles/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

Fox News

The CDC significantly reduced its estimate for how prevalent the omicron variant of COVID-19 was in the United States earlier in December, saying on Tuesday that the omicron variant was responsible for 22.5% of all new cases for the week ending December 18 after previously saying the omicron variant was responsible for 73.2% of all new cases for the same week.

For the week ending Dec. 25, the agency says omicron accounted for 58.6% of all new cases.

Jasmine Reed, a spokesperson for the CDC, noted that there was "a wide predictive interval posted in last week’s chart," and the downward revision was partly due to the "speed at which Omicron was increasing."

"CDC’s models have a range, and… we’re still seeing steady increase in the proportion of Omicron," Reed told Fox News Digital. "In some regions in the country, Omicron accounts for ~ 90% or more of cases."

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