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D’Souza: Celebrities, Wealthy Democrats Support Socialism, 2-Tier System, Not Equality for All

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza says wealthy Democrats who support socialism do not intend to give up their wealth but want a two-tier system that will place them in an aristocratic class, separate from the general masses.

“They have no intention of creating sort of a level society. They have no intention of giving up their wealth. What they really want is they realize that if you look at socialist societies, and this can be true both of authoritarian and democratic socialism, they create a two-tier structure. It’s equality for the masses but aristocracy for us,” D’Souza said in a podcast interview with The Foreign Desk’s Lisa Daftari.

Socialism would provide the wealthy, such as Hollywood elites, media, and Democratic politicians, with greater power than they would have in a free market economy, according to D’Souza.

D’Souza believes the media is no longer free and independent and is working in collusion with the government.

“People like the media, they’re fake. They have press credentials. They’re actually on a team. They’re pretending not to be,” D’Souza said.

When asked how Americans can fix what is happening in regard to its movement towards socialism and possible election fraud, D’Souza said the Republican party has a tendency to “try to get it right next time around, but that never works. If you want to get it right the next time, you’ve got to fix it now.”

“We just can’t let this go because this would mean that we’ve essentially allowed democracy to be usurped by a form of systematic vote rigging,” said D’Souza.

“It’s not just about this election. It’s about every election.”

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