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Expert: Republicans Must Turnout for Georgia Senate Runoffs or ‘Lose the Country’

Joel Pollak, Senior Editor-at-Large for Breitbart News and author of the book ‘Neither Free nor Fair: The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election,’ says Republicans will “lose the country” if they do not move past the presidential election and focus on Georgia’s Senate runoffs in January.

“There are a large number of Republicans on social media who say they’re going to sit out the Georgia election to fight the GOP establishment and send them a message. Well, great, but you’re going to lose the country, and that’s going to have a significant impact on national security and foreign policy, especially as Joe Biden and his team have said they want to undo as much of the Trump legacy as possible,” said Pollak on The Foreign Desk with Lisa Daftari podcast.

Pollak emphasized that Georgia’s Republican candidates, incumbents Senator Kelly Loeffler and Senator David Perdue, are stronger and more qualified than the Democrat candidates; however, Republicans are “not looking ahead to the task in January” and remain distracted by the November election and infighting.

Pollak believes it would be “impossible for Trump to overturn the results,” and even if substantial proof was provided to substantiate voter fraud claims, half the country would be “ungovernable” under a second Trump term in the current environment.

“In this situation, I think all of the energy being directed toward January 6th and the certification of results and all of that, I think it’s worse than wasted because not only is it distracting from Georgia where the real fight is, but when Republicans are once again disappointed, as they will be on January 6th, there’s going to be a lot of motivation that collapses. There’s going to be infighting and people blaming each other and picking on one another,” said Pollak.

If Democrats manage to turn Georgia blue, it is likely that the progress made in the Middle East will be erased and the courts will be packed with liberal justices, according to Pollak, who also believes that with full control of Congress, Democrats would also try to nationally legalize “some of the abusive voting procedures” utilized in the 2020 presidential election.

“From where I sit here in California, the task is firstly to try to save one or both of those Georgia Senate seats and then to focus on protecting Trump’s legacy going forward as Democrats try to dismantle it, primarily in foreign policy. The Obama-Biden administration nearly destroyed the Middle East, and it took Trump to save it, and it’s going to take a grassroots conservative movement to protect it from being destroyed again.”

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