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Federal Prisons on Nationwide Lockdown After 2 Inmates Killed in Texas

The BOP said no staff was injured and the public was not in danger, according to a press release.
Federal prisons on nationwide lockdown after 2 inmates killed in Texas
The Bureau of Prisons operates under the Justice Department. Photo: STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images


All U.S. federal prisons have been placed on lockdown after an altercation in a federal penitentiary in Texas that left two inmates dead and two injured.

State of play: The four inmates were fighting at a penitentiary in Beaumont, Texas. As a result, the Bureau of Prisons issued a nationwide lockdown "to ensure the good order of our institutions. We anticipate this security measure will be short-lived," the BOP said in an emailed statement to Axios.

  • The lockdown affects the agency's over 120 federal prisons.
  • The BOP said it "will continue to monitor events carefully and will adjust its operations accordingly as the situation evolves."

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