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Harvard Law School Instructor Calls for Harassment of Supreme Court Justices

Jose Luis Magana / Associated Press
Jose Luis Magana / Associated Press

Harvard Law School instructor Alejandra Caraballo has called for the six conservative Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade to be harassed, in tweets that have gained wider national attention in the past several days.

Caraballo, who teaches technology law in the law school’s “clinical” program, through which students gain practical experience, tweeted:

Caraballo pushed back against criticism by distinguishing between “accosting” and committing acts of violence, sharing (approvingly) a video of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) being harassed at a restaurant.

Caraballo also triumphantly shared a message indicating that calling for the harassment of Supreme Court justices was not a violation of Twitter rules:

George Washington University Law School scholar Jonathan Turley spoke out against Caraballo’s call for harassment:

As noted by Campus Reform, Caraballo is also an advocate for censorship, calling for Twitter to ban the popular conservative site “Libs of TikTok” as a “terrorist” enterprise because it shows liberals talking about themselves.

I have defended the right of people to protest justices, but having a right does not mean that you cannot abuse that right. Hounding and harassing justices and judges because you do not like their conclusions is wrong and dangerous. Most Americans are appalled by this conduct and we need to collectively condemn those who seek to mete out their own retaliatory justice.

As more on the left call for aggressive protests and public confrontations, this harassment is more and more likely to turn violent. There are many unbalanced individuals who will see such calls as a license for violent action. A justice or judge should not have to put his or her family at risk to serve on our courts. These academics are fueling a sense of mob justice that will cause untold harm to our judicial system and the rule of law.

Caraballo was profiled last year by Harvard Law School as “one of the first two transgender women of color to teach at Harvard Law School.”

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