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Lawsuit Finds That At Least 11 Federal Agencies are Censoring Social Media


A developing lawsuit that now is embroiled in arguments over what “discovery” is to be allowed has uncovered a long list of federal bureaucracies whose officials have been actively involved in telling social media companies what speech to censor.

It was just revealed in recent days that the FBI contacted Facebook and warned of “Russian disinformation,” causing the social media giant to suppress accurate reporting from the New York Post about the Biden family’s international business schemes that may have involved America’s enemies – and provided profit to Joe Biden.

A poll revealed 80% of Americans believe that actually changed the winner in thUnited e 2020 president race, and that without that censorship, President Donald Trump would be in the White House now.

All of which prompted Margot Cleveland, a senior legal correspondent for The Federalist, to warn, “It was the FBI and not social media that stole the election from Donald Trump.”

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