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Students for Trump Founder: Republicans Must Continue Trump’s “Pro-America” Platform

Students for Trump Founder Ryan Fournier is calling upon Republicans to carry on President Trump’s “pro-America, anti-socialist, anti-communist platform” by continuing the fight against Liberal indoctrination on college campuses.

“You need to go on these college campuses, speak to students directly, give them the facts, give them your opinion, give them what the President has done these last four years, surpass the media, surpass everything on social media and talk to them directly,” said Fournier on The Foreign Desk Podcast with Lisa Daftari Friday.

Fournier emphasizes that it is essential for Conservatives to look past social media and engage in face-to-face conversations and debates, especially in light of Twitter’s recent ban of President Trump and social media’s “ulterior motive against Conservatives.”

Fournier describes social media as an “echo chamber” where you are having a conversation with “nobody,” with the censorship being “the stuff that you see in communist China.”

“We have to talk to people. If we just sit in the corner, and we put our views on social media, and we respond to nobody, we say nothing to our friends, we don’t voice our concerns about what’s happening, at that point in time, you’re losing because you’re sitting in an echo chamber, and you don’t want to be in an echo chamber, especially on a college campus.”

The generation Fournier refers to as the “headline generation” is vulnerable to Leftist indoctrination on campus, often entering college as Conservatives and “coming out totally indoctrinated” after listening to professors’ opinions, reading headlines, and “generating a pure hatred for someone off of it,” which is also a reflection of the current state of American society.

Moving forward, Fournier does not believe the energy behind the Trump movement will die out, despite the election results and the widely condemned Capitol riot.

“This energy is going to continue because just like Reagan, when the Republican party became the party of Reagan, this is going to become the party of Trump. It’s going to become the party of his policies, putting America first, putting Americans first.”

“The fight is not over, and it’s not one you get to do one year or during an election year and give up on it. It’s a fight that you really just have to continually do 24/7,” said Fournier.

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