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Twitter Suspends Radical Pro-Abortion Group Ruth Sent Us

Twitter logo. (Dreamstime)
Twitter logo. (Dreamstime)

Twitter has suspended the account of the radical pro-abortion group Ruth Sent Us, which came under fire recently for its calls to intimidate conservative Supreme Court justices.

According to The Daily Wire, the suspension comes after nearly two months of incendiary tweets and follows the May leak of a draft opinion from the high court that showed the court’s conservative majority seemed likely to overturn the 1973 case Roe v. Wade, which established a federal right to abortion.

When the court did hand down a reversal of Roe at the end of June, Ruth Sent Us called for protests at the homes of the court’s conservative justices and published a map on its website listing the home addresses of Chief Justice John Roberts, and Associate Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

Google removed the map for violating its terms of service and the group was also briefly suspended by TikTok in May before its account was restored, according to the Wire.

A Twitter account called @RuthSentUsReal, which appeared to be a back-up account, remained active as of Thursday afternoon.

National Review reported in early June that the group tweeted an infographic with the name of Barrett’s church and identified the school that her children attend. It also encouraged protesters to “voice your anger” by demonstrating there.

“Our 6-3 extremist Supreme Court routinely issues rulings that hurt women, racial minorities, LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights,” the group has previously stated, according to Mediaite. “We must rise up to force accountability using a diversity of tactics.”

The group urged supporters to storm Catholic churches on Mother’s Day and interrupt masses, to protest the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion, according to the Wire.

In a May 7 tweet, the group told one critic, “Stuff your rosaries and your weaponized prayer.”

“We will remain outraged after this weekend, so keep praying,” the group said. “We’ll be burning the Eucharist to show our disgust for the abuse Catholic Churches have condoned for centuries.”

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