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Biden Taps ‘Terrorist Sympathizer’ as Incoming Staffer

A Palestinian-American who has been characterized as a terrorist sympathizer has been appointed as Chief of Staff for the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

In 2002, Reema Dodin described Palestinian suicide bombings as “the last resort of a desperate people,” during a public presentation in Lodi, CA, according to the Lodi News-Sentinel.

“The American public has a history of being a fair-minded people, but the information the public is getting is biased, awful and wrong. If you’re going to present this information to the public, you need to do it in a holistic manner,” said Dodin.

The presentation was conducted during the Second Intifada, which was the second Palestinian uprising against Israel.

The uprising lasted from 2000 to 2005 and resulted in 741 Israeli civilian deaths, according to The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights.

The year prior, Dodin participated in a demonstration at her alma mater UC Berkeley that compared Israel to an apartheid state and called for Berkeley to dispossess Israel, according to the Berkeley Daily Planet.

“She is the daughter of Palestine and her origins are Palestinian,” Dodin’s uncle, Ahmed Dodin told Anadolu Agency.

Ahmed expressed hopes that the appointment “will be good for her and her mother country.”

“Reema is the first to tell you she has grown from her youth in her approach to pushing for change, but her core values of fighting to expand opportunity to building a stronger middle class remain her driving force,” said the Biden-Harris transition team to The Jerusalem Post.

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