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Canada Court Silences Protesters’ Horns, Police Seize Fuel

Trudeau and his family left Ottawa to an undisclosed location as the convoy started rolling into the city due to security concerns.
Trucks sit in a staging area east of downtown after police raided the truckers' stockpile of fuel
Trucks sit in a staging area east of downtown after police raided the truckers’ stockpile of fuel, as truckers and their supporters continue to protest against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine mandates, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, February 6, 2022. REUTERS/Patrick Doyle

Police in Canada’s national capital said on Monday they have seized thousands of liters of fuel and removed an oil tanker as part of a crackdown to end days long protest against the government’s COVID-19 measures, while a judge granted an interim injunction against deafening honking that has irked residents.

Canada’s capital Ottawa has been gridlocked by a so-called “Freedom Convoy” consisting of truckers and other motorists for 11 days now. What started as a movement opposing a Canadian vaccine mandate for cross-border drivers – a requirement mirrored by a U.S. rule – has morphed into a rallying point against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’ public health measures.

Trudeau, who appeared on Monday for the first time in nearly a week after being infected by COVID, said the protest has to stop. Responding to an emergency debate in the parliament, Trudeau denounced the tactics used by demonstrators.

“This is a story of a country that got through this pandemic by being united and a few people shouting and waving swastikas does not define who Canadians are,” he said.

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