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Canada Freedom Convoy: GiveSendGo Demands FBI Probe Hackers, Alleges ‘Highly Coordinated’ Political Doxing

GiveSendGo founder says Freedom Convoy hackers are ‘terrorists’ who are ‘instilling fear’
Outside the Parliament of Canada. (Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)
Outside the Parliament of Canada. (Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

The founder of the Christian crowdfunding platform GiveSendGo called on the FBI to investigate the hackers who’ve made the names of the donors who contributed to the Canadian Freedom Convoy public as part of what he perceives to be a "well-orchestrated," politically motivated doxing effort.  

GiveSendGo founder Jacob Wells told Fox News Digital that some of the actors who seem to have been taking responsibility for hacking into the Freedom Convoy’s fundraising campaign "have histories in some pretty nefarious attacks." Wells has called on the FBI and governmental investigative agencies in Canada to hunt down these hackers amid reports that some private citizens, whose names were leaked online, have been receiving threatening calls and emails targeting their small businesses. 

"This seems well orchestrated," he said Wednesday. "There's strong political motivations behind this." 

The notorious Canadian hacker Aubrey Cottle, known as Kirtaner, seemed to take partial credit for the cyberattack on the Freedom Convoy 2022’s campaign in a TikTok video circulating online. Wells did not name Cottle directly when reached by phone, but he did confirm GiveSendGo is pursing legal action. 

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