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Ottawa Police Warn Protesters Blocking Streets Could Be ‘Arrested Without Warrant’

The police warning comes after the city declared a state of emergency on Sunday in response to the second week of protests.
Ottawa police warn protesters blocking streets could be 'arrested without warrant'
© Associated Press / Arthur Mola

Police in the Canadian capital Ottawa warned that those participating in the “Freedom Convoy" protests blocking the city's streets "could be arrested without a warrant," the department said in a press release issued Wednesday.

"The unlawful act of blocking streets in the downtown core is resulting in people being denied the lawful use, enjoyment and operation of their property," the department wrote. "We are providing you notice that anyone blocking streets or assisting others in the blocking of streets may be committing a criminal offence."

"You could be arrested without a warrant for this offense if you are a party to the offense or assisting others in the direct or indirect commission in this offence," it continued. 

The ongoing protests against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in Canada, which started last month, have led to multiple road closures, including Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Canada, preventing traffic from passing over the bridge. 

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